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Indian Curries


(All curries cooked in choice of mild, medium, hot spices.)


27) Butter Chicken - Boneless chicken pieces roasted in a clay oven and cooked in a creamy, herbed tomato sauce.

28) Curry Chicken - Boneless chicken pieces cooked with a traditional Indian curry sauce.

29) Chicken Chilli Masala - Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with green bell peppers & hot spices.

30) Chicken Kadai - Marinated pieces of chicken, sauteed with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers in kadai.

31) Chicken Palak - Boneless pieces of chicken smothered in fresh spinach and creamy Indian sauce.

32) Chicken Korma - Chicken cubes cooked in a rich almond cream sauce topped with cashews and raisins.

33) Chicken Vindaloo - Boneless cubes of chicken cooked with potatoes in south Indian hot spices and coconut.

34) Chicken Bhuna - Boneless chicken finely chopped sauteed with green bell peppers, garnished with onions.

35) Chicken MadrasMarinated Chicken in Indian spices with touch of coconut sauce.

36) India Grill Special Chicken Tikka Masala    $13.95

 Succulent cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt & spices roasted in tandoor cooked in creamy tomato sauce.




37) Lamb Boti Masala - Tender pieces of roasted meat delicately spiced & cooked with fresh bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & spices.

38) Lamb Korma- Tender pieces of meat spiced and cooked in a creamy sauce blended with almonds, cashews, garlic and ginger.

39) Lamb Rogan Josh - A famous Indian curry. Pieces of lamb are marinated then slowly cooked in yogurt & a special Indian curry sauce.

40) Lamb Do Piaza - Marinated pieces of lamb cooked in a traditional thick curry with onions.

41) Lamb Palak - Tender pieces of lamb slowly cooked in a spinach and cream sauce.

42) Lamb Vindaloo - Boneless cubes of lamb cooked with potatoes in south Indian hot spices and coconut.

43) Lamb Bhuna - Boneless lamb finely chopped, sauteed with green bell peppers, and garnished with onions.

44) Lamb Madras Marinated lamb in Indian spices with touch of coconut sauce.





45) Shrimp Curry- Shrimp cooked in herbs, spices and a special seasoned  sauce.

46) Butter Shrimp - Shrimp gently cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with herbs and mild spices.

47) Shrimp Korma - Shrimp blended with an aromatic cream sauce, herbs and nuts.

48) Shrimp Bhuna - Tandoori roasted herbed shrimp cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.

49) Fish Curry - Fish cooked in a medley of exotic Indian herbs and spices.

50) Fish Masala - Boneless pieces of fish cooked in specially prepared sauce of herbs, spices with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes.

51) Fish Makhani - Boneless pieces of fish slowly cooked in herbs and creamy tomato sauce.

52) Fish Vindaloo - Boneless pieces of fish cooked with potatoes in South Indian hot spices and coconut.

53) Fish MadrasMahi-Mahi fish marinated in Indian spices with touch of coconut sauce.

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